AKA Racing Gridiron 1/8 Buggy Tires Medium AKA14003M
AKA14003M AKA Racing 1/8 Buggy Gridiron Tires (Medium)

AKA Racing Gridiron 1/8 Buggy Tires Medium AKA14003M

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AKA Racing Grid Iron tires are a bit different. featuring a low-profile tread with small, staggered square spikes arranged symmetrically across and around the tire, long, staggered center lugs add forward bite, and increase tread life. The Grid Iron is best suited to hard-packed and clay surfaces.

The AKA tires include lightweight, long-lasting contoured foam inserts for a more balanced tire and wheel assembly, which will deliver noticeable performance gains over heavy, out of balance inserts. Reducing rotating, unsprung weight in the tire, insert and wheel produces the biggest performance gains over any other weight reduction.

Designing competition-worthy wheels is a black art, and there's no two people more practiced in the art than Mark Pavidis and Gil Losi, Jr. The knowledge of both is poured into the design of the AKA wheels for the ultimate balance of durability and flex for maximum performance. Both buggy and truck versions of the AKA wheels (available in white and yellow) feature a larger diameter, which reduces sidewall flex to keep more tread on the racing surface for crisp acceleration and steering response.

Even the packaging for AKA tires is competition ready. The bags your tires come in are resealable bags, with a spot on the back for recording data on that set of tires. Things like tire compound, whether you are using them on the front or rear, type of insert, what type of wheel you have them mounted on, and even a set of check boxes to help keep track of how many runs you have on the tires.


Buggy wheels

Outer Diameter: 4.6" (117mm)
Inner Diameter:
3.2" (81mm)
1.8" (45mm)

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