Air Swimmers Flying Bass WMCAS003
WMCAS003 Air Swimmers Flying Bass

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Air Swimmers Flying Bass WMCAS003

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The Air Swimmers Flying Bass provides hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms (not recommended for outdoor use). They require only four AAA batteries (one in the body, three in the controller) and have complete up, down, and 360 degree turning control.

  • Fill up with helium and swim through the air
  • Moves like a real fish
  • Easy indoor fun
  • Flies up to 40 feet
  • Bobber included
  • Do not overfill the balloons, or they will burst
  • Body made from high quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks
  • Steers in any direction
  • Infra-red controller
  • Climb, descend and tail fin control
  • These do not fly in altitudes of around 4,000 feet and up
  • Balloons can be used over and over again until they burst or the balloon itself wears out
  • Instructions included

Simply fill your Air Swimmers with helium, which is available inexpensively at any party store, florist shop, or grocery store that carries balloons. The body is made from a high quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks! The Air Swimmers can be filled with helium again and again. Remote control has never come to life so magically!

One Flying Bass Air Swimmers

4 AAA batteries (FUGP4404)
Helium gas, available at party supply stores
Length (with tail): 59" (1498.6mm)
Height (with fins): 32" (812.8mm)

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