Align T-Rex 500 Pro DFC Combo AGNRH50E02XW

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This is the Align T-Rex 500 Pro DFC Combo. The brand new T-Rex 500 Pro DFC features a low CG DFC rotor head, MX series high efficiency brushless motor, new tail gear box, shaft driven tail system, lower CG landing gear, and rear in-frame rudder servo mount.

T-Rex 500 PRO DFC Features:
  • The T-Rex 500 PRO DFC features a brand new style of 500 rotor head, with 3 sets of positive/negative deltas and a variety of Bell/Hiller mixing ratios.
  • Unique carbon composite technology that effectively strengthens the weaker areas and simplifies the process of installing your electronics
  • Directly mount the Servos onto the frame without using mounting nuts
  • Rear in-frame rudder servo mount design for centralize 3GX for the best 3D performance
  • Equipped with the MX series high efficiency brushless motor, with heatsink style casing and an embedded fan that will drastically improve cooling and increase the power output
  • Unique fast release gyro and receiver mount design for fast removal and sturdy attachment
  • Uses a high precision slant tooth (helical) main gear, with higher load sustainability and lower noise output
  • Brand new tail gear box with higher material quality
  • Newly designed dual bearing tail blade grips for zero slop rudder control precision and superior tail locking performance
  • Highly efficient shaft driven tail system that effectively reduces power loss commonly found on belt driven systems and increases performance during flight
  • Brand new 4mm carbon rudder control rod and metal rudder pitch bell crank improve the rudder locking effect and controllability
  • New style battery mounting platform that strengthens frame as well as provides a mount for the ESC
  • New style lower CG landing gear
  • Newly styled aerodynamically canopy for a perfect fit, making your helicopter stand out
  • Best tail gear ratio to minimize vibration caused by high speed operation of main blades, bringing the best tail locking power
  • High quality new tail gearbox design, combined with new dual point mounted tail pitch control assembly to minimize slops and increase rudder control precision

One T-REX 500PRO DFC Kits Set
One 425 3G Carbon fiber blades
One 500MX Brushless Motor(1600KV)
Three DS515M Digital servo
One DS525M Digital servo

Digital Pitch Gauge
3GX Flybarless System
Receiver (7-channel or more)
Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
6S Li-Po 2600 ~ 4600mAh X2 (3300mAh suggestion)

Length: 868mm
Height: 275mm
Main Blade Length: 425mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 978mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 206mm
Motor Drive Gear: 12T
Main Drive Gear: 134T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 145T
Tail Drive Gear: 36T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.17:4.03
Weight (With Motor): 1210g

  • Align T-Rex 500

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