Arrma Ball Bearing 7x4x2.5mm (2) ARAAR610015
ARAAR610015 Arrma Ball Bearing 7x4x2.5mm (2)

Arrma Ball Bearing 7x4x2.5mm (2) ARAAR610015

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This is a pair of Arrma 7x4x2.5mm Ball Bearings for the Raider, Fury, and Vorteks BLX Brushless Vehicles.

  • Silver and blue colored
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Sealed to prolong life and keep out dirt
  • For the Arrma Raider BLX, Fury BLX, and Vorteks BLX

Two Arrma 7x4x2.5mm Ball Bearings, (2)
Inner Diameter: 4mm
Outer Diameter: 7mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Arrma Fury Short Course
  • Arrma Granite Monster Truck
  • Arrma Raider Buggy
  • Arrma Vorteks Stadium Truck

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