Associated Reedy 20C 3200 Racing Battery w/Tamiya PLUG ASC705

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This is the Reedy 3200mAh 20C Lithium Polymer Power Battery Pack from Team Associated. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Reedy is proud to introduce reliable and powerful 7.4V 20C Li-Po battery packs designed specifically for use in R/C cars and trucks.

A unique hard case design helps protects the battery from damage. Integrated locking nubs simulate sub-c cell profiles to allow the battery to be easily installed in slotted touring car chassis. By simply flipping the battery over, perfect installation in off-road vehicles is achieved.

Reedy makes available a choice of two capacities to suit enthusiasts’ application and budget requirements. Both come equipped with 14AWG silicone wire and a Tami® style connector. The 5000mAh Pro modelomes equipped with 12AWG wire only so that the user can install his favorite plug.

Reedy Li-Po batteries offer many advantages over traditional Ni-MH batteries:

  • Exclusive case design helps protect the battery from damage while allowing easy installation in touring car and off-road chassis
  • Up to 30% longer runtime than NiMH batteries of equal capacity
  • Lighter than Ni-MH batteries of equal capacity
  • No limit to the number of consecutive uses
  • Improved cell efficiency results in less energy lost as heat and greater power output
  • Battery can be charged well in advance of use with no loss in performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Longer lifespan (up to 10 times!) reduces battery costs
  • Balancing connector included - no complicated wiring required!
SPECS:     Length: 5.4" (138mm)
          Width:   1.8" (46mm)
          Height: 1.0"(25.4mm)
          Weight: 9.4oz (265g)
          Lead Wire Size: 14 AWG
          Lead Wire Length: 3.5" (82mm) approximate
          Charge Rate: 3.2 Amps (1C)
          Discharge Rate: 100 Amps
          Max Volts Per Cell: 4.2V
          Max Pack Voltage: 8.4V
          Min. Discharge Volts: 6.0V
Length: 5.4" (138mm)
Width: 1.8" (46mm)
Height: 1.0" (25.4mm)

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