Associated 8/32 Locking Nut, Steel (6) ASC6952
ASC6952 Associated 8-32 Locking Nut, Steel (6)

Associated 8/32 Locking Nut, Steel (6) ASC6952

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This is a set of six Associated 8-32 Locknuts.

  • Silver/grey colored
  • Made of steel
  • For the Associated B44.3, GT2, RC10 Classic, RC10 World's Car, RC10B4, RC10B4.2, RC10B44.1, RC10B44.2, RC10T4, RC10T4.2, SC10, SC10.2, SC10B, and SC10GT

Six Associated 8-32 Steel Locknuts

Installation onto vehicle
  • Associated SC10B
  • Associated SC10GT
  • Associated B44.2
  • Associated RC10 B4.2
  • Associated RC10 T4.2
  • Associated RC10 Worlds Car
  • Associated SC10 2WD
  • Associated SC10.2

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