Associated AE CD Ref Library 17 ASC6981
ASC6981 Associated AE CD Ref Library 17

Associated AE CD Ref Library 17 ASC6981

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Complete contents includes documents for the:

RC10B4 RTR, RC10B4, B4 Factory Team, RC10B3, RC10B2, RC10 Graphite, RC10 C.E. 1990 and 1992, RC10 1984.

RC10T4, RTR T4, RTR SE, T4 Factory Team, RC10T3, RTR T3, Team-Built T3, RC10T2, RC10GT RTR+, GT RTR, Team-Built GT, GT tub chassis, Monster GT RTR.

Nitro TC3 RTR+, NTC3 RTR, NTC3, NTC3 Factory Team, NTC3 Ver. 2, TC3, TC3 RTR, TC3 Factory Team, RC10L3T, RC10L4 Oval, RC10L3 Oval, RC10L2 and L2 Oval, RC10LS and LS Oval, RC10L, RC10DS.

RC12L4, RC12L3, RC12L3 Oval, RC12LC, RC12LS, RC12LW, RC12L, RC12i, RC12e.

RC300 (1:8 gas), RC500 (1:8 gas).

For later models, please see #6992.

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