Associated RC10TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds 1/10 On-Road Car Kit ASC30108

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This is the Associated RC10TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car Kit. The Associated RC10TC6.1 Worlds Car kit has built upon the already-successful B.R.C.A. and R.O.A.R. national championship-winning TC6.1 platform with several performance-enhancing upgrades that really boost this kit to the next level.

The Associated RC10TC6.1 WC is built on their new ultra-narrow 2.25mm-thick carbon-fiber chassis, featuring optimized flex along with maximum chassis-roll ground clearance. This brand new narrow chassis reduces chassis drag during the very hardest cornering. Also included with the Associated TC6.1 WC is the Factory Team Vertical Ballstud Bearing Caps; previously available only as a Factory Team upgrade, the vertical ballstud bearing caps give you much finer increments of adjustment. This increased adjustability allows you to fine tune the suspension with even more precision than previously possible.

The Associated TC6.1 Factory Team came feature-packed, and the new TC6.1 Worlds Car is certainly no exception. Rear caster blocks and hub carriers feature integrated inserts for rear-toe and caster angle adjustment. This allows you to properly adjust these angles by simply changing the inserts, instead of the whole assembly.

Its front and rear anti-roll bars feature the H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system. Roll stiffness is adjusted and controlled by two wires that mount into the sides of the aluminum center member and link to the suspension arms. The aluminum center member rolls on a bearing surface that reduces friction and provides you with ultra-precise movement.

The lightweight rear gear differential gives you superior adjustability, performance, and low maintenance; the front spool features replaceable composite outdrives that retain the low-friction, free-movement performance of the CVA blades.

Best of all, the included symmetrical blue aluminum bulkheads are compatible with TC6 chassis components. The Factory Team VCS3 shocks feature hard-anodized threaded bodies with bottom-loaded seals and are super smooth and have increased stroke, all adding up to improved traction. Improved steering input rate, multiple Ackermann adjustment positions and Blue Titanium turnbuckles with eyelet ballcups all add up to an easier-to-tune platform.

Now you can drive the same car that won the 2012 R.O.A.R. national modified touring car championship - drive the Associated RC10TC6.1 Worlds Car!

1:10 scale electric motor
1:10 scale electronic speed control
7.4V LiPo, 6.0V LiFe
Battery charger (suited for, and particular to, one of the batteries mentioned above)
2-channel surface transmitter, and its batteries
2-channel receiver
steering servo
1:10 scale (190mm) polycarbonate touring car body
Polycarbonate-specific spray paint for body
1:10 scale rubber or foam touring car tires
  • Ultra narrow 0.088" (2.25mm) thick carbon fiber chassis with optimized flex and maximum chassis roll ground clearance
  • Four wheel belt drive
  • Factory Team VCS3 shocks with hard anodized aluminum threaded bodies and bottom loaded seals
  • Carbon fiber shock towers
  • Front and rear anti-roll bar suspension with the H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system, roll stiffness is adjusted and controlled by two wires that are mounted into an aluminum center member and linked to the suspension arms. The center member rolls on a bearing surface that reduced friction and provides ultra precise movement
  • Full set of ball bearings, 16 total
  • Multi-position steering system allows fine tuning of Ackermann steering rates
  • Adjustable caster, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis, caster blocks adjust 14, 16, or 18 degrees with molded inserts
  • Adjustable camber, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
  • Front foam bumper
Length: 15" (381mm)
Width: 7.5"   (190mm)
Weight: 3.03lbs (1375g)
Wheelbase: 10.03" (255mm)
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.0:1
  • Associated TC6.1

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