Blade Swash Leveling Tool 450 400 BLH1690A
BLH1690A Blade Swash Leveling Tool 450 400

Blade Swash Leveling Tool 450 400 BLH1690A

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This is the Blade Swash Leveling Tool for the 450 and 400 Helicopters.

1. Disconnect the motor from the ESC by disconnecting any two wires between the motor and ESC
2. Disconnect all the linkages from the swashplate
3. Power on your transmitter
4. Enable idle up
5. Put the throttle stick to center position
6. Observe the left and right servo arms and adjust your subtrim so that they are level
7. Observe the elevator control arm (behind the motor) and adjust your subtrim so that it is level
8. Slide the swash leveling tool under the swashplate as shown in the photos
9. Place the swashplate flat on the tool
10. Adjust the linkages such that the swashplate remains flat when attached
11. Once all linkages are attached, disconnect the battery from the ESC
12. Carefully slide the swashplate up and remove the swash leveling tool
13. Disengage idle up on your transmitter and power it off
14. Reconnect the motor wires to the ESC
15. Now go fly!


One Blade Swash Leveling Tool
  • Silver colored
  • Made of metal
  • For the Blade 450 and 400
  • Blade 450 3D
  • Blade 450 X

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