Coverite 21st Century Film Aluminum 6' COVQ0210
COVQ0210 Coverite 21st Century Film Aluminum 6

Coverite 21st Century Film Aluminum 6' COVQ0210

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Coverite film is super strong with a tensile strength of 25,000 psi (pounds per square inch). Lightweight at only .25 ounces per square foot. Dry adhesive is activated when heat is applied. Shrinks to a drum-tight finish as it cools. Molds crease-free around compound curves and into corners. High gloss finish, waterproof, fuelproof (glow fuel, gasoline, smoke) stronger and lighter than traditional silk and dope coverings. May be cleaned with glass cleaner or MonoKote cleaner/polish.

For Covering Foam at Low-Temperature, Suggest (COVQ0711 COVQ0719). Black Baron Films Can Be Used On Top of 21st Century High Temperature Covering But Not Under.

Different dye lots Of 21st Century Paints, films and fabrics, may vary slightly in color between production runs Of these products. 21st Century Paint. 21st Century Fabric: COVQ0301.

Temperature Range: Attaching to Wood (Activating the Glue): 250-325 ºF

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