Deans Micro 2Npr Non Polar WSD1226
WSD1226 Deans Micro 2Npr Red Non Polar

Deans Micro 2Npr Non Polar WSD1226

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Features: Plastic connector body, Red in color
Gold-plated pins

INCLUDES: One male-male connector (pins on both sides)
One male-female connector (pins on one side)
Two pieces of small Red heat-shrinkable tubing
Two pieces of small Black heat-shrinkable tubing

Requires: Solder, soldering iron (HCAR0775) or soldering gun"
Overall length connected: .940" (24mm)
Length of plastic body, connected:
.574" (14.6mm)
Pin length, six places:
.181" (4.6mm)
Width between pins:
.058" (1.4mm)

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