Dubro Snowbird Skis Main Pink DUB827
DUB827 Dubro Snowbird Skis Main Pink

Dubro Snowbird Skis Main Pink DUB827

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Dubro main ski has torsion bar design. Easily mounts on airplanes with Dural or wire landing gear in about an hour. High density black polyethelene. Pre-Molded runners ideal for .60 size airplanes.

Package includes:
Two Skis
Two Torsion Wires
Two Torsion Wire Mounts
Two Pieces of Heat Shrink
Four 4-40x3/8" bolt
Four #4 lock washers
Eight Torsion Bar Nylon Mounting Blocks
Eight 2-56x1/2" Bolts
Eight #2 Lock Nuts


Mounting Hardware and tools

Length: 228.6 mm (9")
63.5 mm (2.5")
Wire Diameter:
3.2 mm (0.125")

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