Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations DUNCC-0009
DUNCC-0009 Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations

Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations DUNCC-0009

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This is the Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations is a collection of well-known meat eating plants. This deluxe edition has seeds from over 10 kinds of carnivorous plants.

Venus Fly Trap - Sundew Plant
Pitcher Plant - Trumpet Plant
Cobra Plant

Using the included 1 pound bag of peat-based planting mixture, you'll create an authentic bog within a plastic dome terrarium. Features:
Blue colored "Swamp Rock"
A plastic frog, snake and lizard.
Detailed sprouting, growing and care information as well as how these carnivorous plants work
Made in the USA.


One Growing Dome
One Bag of Swamp Rocks
One Seed Packet
Threes Stickers
One Bag Planting Mix Accessories

Dome Diameter: 9" (23cm)
Overall Height: 7-1/4" (18cm)

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