Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations DUNCC-0009
DUNCC-0009 Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations

Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations DUNCC-0009

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Dunecraft Carnivorous Creations is a collection of well-known meat eating plants. This deluxe edition has seeds from over 10 kinds of carnivorous plants including
* - Venus Fly Trap - Sundew Plant
* - Pitcher Plant - Trumpet Plant
* - Cobra Plant
Using the inclduing 1 pound bag of peat-based planting mixture, you'll create an authentic bog within a plastic dome terrarium. Optional blue colored "Swamp Rock". Decorate with a plastic frog, snake and lizard. Detailed sprouting, growing and care information as well as how these carnivorous plants work. Made in the USA.

This package includes,
* (1) Growing Dome (1) Bag of Swamp Rock
* (1) Seed Packet (3) Stickers
* (1) Bag Planting Mix Accessories

Dome Diameter: 9" (23cm)
Overall Height: 7-1/4" (18cm)

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