DuraTrax Glow Starter C Battery DTXP0300
DTXP0300 DuraTrax Glow Starter C Battery

DuraTrax Glow Starter C Battery DTXP0300

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DuraTrax glow-starter is powered by replaceable alkaline C-size cells (not included), which offer more capacity than NiCds, and at a lower price. Unlike NiCds, alkaline batteries provide the convenience of not needing to be charged overnight before a day of racing. C-Cell is enclosed inside a high-impact black polystyrene case with an easy-access hatch for quick replacement. Proven Twist-and-Lock tip keeps the starter securely attached with spring-action strength, and allows for a more compact design. 1-3/8" long neck for deep cylinder heads Rubber protective tip cover to prevent shorting in the track bag.

Requires: "C" sized alkaline battery
Overall Length: 4-3/8" (112mm)
Shaft Length:
1-3/8" (40mm)

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