DuraTrax Ultimate Glo Starter C DTXP0310
DTXP0310 DuraTrax Ultimate Glo-Starter C

DuraTrax Ultimate Glo Starter C DTXP0310

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Features: Versatile system consists of a glo-starter with a high impact poly- styrene case that holds either a rechargeable NiCd (included) or a replaceable alkaline cell (not included). Twist-and-lock socket attaches the starter securely onto glow plug with spring action strength. 90 day limited warranty (U.S.A. and Canada only).

INCLUDES: One C-Size Duratrax Ultimate Glo-Starter One sub-C NiCd battery One sub-C adapter cup One AC charger (United States Standard)

Charging the NiCd battery initially at 12-14 hours. Future charging time is approximately 10 hours (do not attempt to charge alkaline batteries).

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