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HPI E-Firestorm 10T

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1 2 3 · · · 11

In the fiercely competitive electric 2WD truck class, the HPI E-Firestorm separates itself from the competition with extra toughness and a long list of race-inspired features. The E-Firestorm combines the latest advances in R/C racing truck technology; the product of years of research and the collected knowledge that has made HPI Racing so successful! The HPI Firestorm and E-Firestorm share several parts, making for an economically friendly truck. Many of the more critical parts on the HPI E-Firestorm have been designed to withstand the thrashing and bashing of serious Off-Road racing. HPI’s industry known strength and durability makes the E-Firestorm a great truck for anyone and everyone- whether you’re an R/C newcomer, or a skilled competitor. The E-Firestorm is ideal if looking for a rough, tough, FAST off-road truck!