Flyzone Calypso EP Glider Tx-R FLZA3002

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This is the FlyZone Calypso EP Glider Tx-R. The FlyZone Calypso EP Glider is for beginning to experienced glider pilots.

Smooth and forgiving, the FlyZone Calypso excels as a first electric sailplane. Ailerons are included to help you enjoy a wide envelope of soaring performance. Plus, by adding optional flaps, the experienced glider pilot has the option of moving up to more advanced thermal chasing.

This is the Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) version of the Calypso that includes servos, an ESC and SLT receiver. The beauty of Tx-R technology is that you can use your transmitter to fly virtually any FlyZone plane. As long as your radio is compatible with the AnyLink—and most brands, bands and modulations are -- you can fly the FlyZone Calypso.

And just another Tx-R advantage: the included components are already installed and expertly matched to your modelor optimum performance -- no guessing what motor, battery or servos that will work best!

Flyzone Calypso Glider with 4-ch SLT Micro RX, ESC, Motor, Folding Prop, Flight Battery, Battery Charger, 3 Servos and Instruction Manual

Tactic AnyLink SLT 2.4GHz Radio Adapter (TACJ2000) to adapt aircraft transmitter (the Futaba Square, TACM0001 and JR, Spektrum, TACM0002 are included with the AnyLink adapter)
Tactic 2.4GHz 4 or 6 channel transmitters do not require the
AnyLink adapter

Wingspan: 73" (1855mm)
Wing Area: 526 sq in (33.9 sq dm)
Length: 47" (1195mm)
RTF Weight: 29oz (820g)
Center of Gravity (CG): 1/4" (6.5mm) ahead of spar

Control Throws:
High Rate
Elevator, Up/Down:
3/4" (19mm) 18?
Rudder, Right/Left: 1" (25mm) 19?
Ailerons, Up/Down: 5/8" (16mm) 19?
Flap: 7/8" (22mm) 22?

Low Rate
Elevator, Up/Down: 1/2" (13mm) 12?
Rudder, Right/Left: 3/4" (19mm) 14?
Ailerons, Up/Down: 3/8" (10mm) 11?

  • Aero-cell foam construction, white in color with green and black trim
  • Two-piece wing
  • Dual servo aileron control with flap option (using flap option)
  • Brushless outrunner motor
  • 18A Electronic Speed Control
  • 11.1V15C 1300mAh LiPo Battery
  • Balancing Battery Charger
  • Battery Compartment
  • Landing wheel with nose and tail skid plates
  • Flyzone Calypso EP Glider

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