Flyzone Eraze EP Flying Wing Tx-R FLZA3342

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This is the Flyzone Eraze EP Flying Wing Tx-R (Transmitter-Ready).

You can have your own Flyzone Eraze completely assembled less than 60 seconds after you open the box; that's less than a single minute! But that's not surprising, since all you have to do is snap the rudder in place and let the magnets do the rest. Both versions of the Eraze arrive with all onboard equipment - receiver, servos, brushless motor and ESC, factory-installed, so your choice is easy.

If you want maximum ease, go with the RTF (Ready-to-Fly); it includes the Eraze and a full-size Tactic TTX404 2.4 GHz radio. But if you prefer to use your own radio, go with the Tx-R Prime (Transmitter-Ready). You can fly the Eraze with an SLT radio system alone, or with a non-SLT system and the AnyLink; add a battery, and you'll have everything you need to fly the Eraze and most other Tx-R aircraft, too.

Tx-R Prime aircraft were created with the more experienced hobbyist in mind. While Flyzone's original Tx-R airplanes include a basic charger and battery pack, Tx-R Prime aircraft let you supply those items yourself. You get to choose which battery to use - and you save by using your existing charger, instead of buying a new one. It's solid proof that Tx-R Prime was designed with you in mind.

OneFlyzone Eraze EP Flying Wing Tx-R (Transmitter-Ready) with two Micro Servos, 28mm Brushless Outrunner Motor, TR624 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT Receiver, Propeller and Instructions

Radio: 4-channel transmitter with elevon mixing, or 4-channel radio with elevon mixing and SLT Tactic AnyLink SLT 2.4GHz Radio Adapter (TACJ2000) to adapt aircraft transmitter (the Futaba Square, TACM0001 and JR, Spektrum, TACM0002 are included with the AnyLink adapter) *Tactic 2.4GHz 4 or 6 channel transmitters do not require the AnyLink adapter
Battery: 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo, at least 600mAh
Battery Charger: To match selected battery
AA Batteries: 4 or 8 depending on transmitter
  • Made of AeroCell foam
  • 28mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • Two factory installed micro servos (elevator and aileron control)
  • TR624 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT Receiver
  • 12A Electronic Speed Control
  • Plastic Propeller 5x4.3
  • Warranty (through the manufacturer): Flyzone guarantees this kit free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component part damaged by use or modification.
Wingspan: 18.1" (460mm)
Wing Area: 182 sq in (11.7 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 4.9 oz/sq ft (15.0 g/sq dm)
Length: 19.3 " (489mm)
Weight: 6.2 - 6.8 oz (176 - 193 g) ready to fly
Center of Gravity (CG): 2-5/8" (67mm) from the forward edge of the battery compartment

Control Throws
3/8" (9.5mm)
Ailerons: 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Flyzone Eraze EP Flying Wing

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