Fuji Imvac BF-25EI 24.5cc 4-Stroke Gas Engine FJIBF25F
FJIBF25F Fuji Imvac BF-25EI 24.5cc 4-Stroke Gas Engine

Fuji Imvac BF-25EI 24.5cc 4-Stroke Gas Engine FJIBF25F

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Fuji Imvac four-stroke engines boast these advantages:

* Incredible fuel economy — less than half the fuel consumption of a comparable 2-stroke engine, for twice the flight time per fill at half the cost.
* Amazingly quiet operation — making them welcome even at the most noise-sensitive flying fields.
* The ability to maintain a consistent rpm range at all times - for delivering the realistic speeds and performance that giant-scale modelers demand.
* Includes EIS (Electronic Ignition System).
* High Torque
* Swings bigger props than 2-stroke engines.
* Excellent power to weight ratio.
* Needle settings are not affected by engine heat.

No more oil-gas mixing! Parts are lubricated by a constant flow of ultra-low viscosity oil from a pan on the bottom of the engine. A 3.4 oz (100 cc) bottle of oil is included.
Like all Fuji-Imvac engines, Fuji-Imvac 4-strokes offer the smooth, pinpoint throttle control of a Walbro butterfly carb. Fine-tuning the idle, low- and high-speed screws takes only a slotted screwdriver and a few seconds.
The BF-25 and BF-34 are gear driven engines, which make these powerhouses more reliable.


Regular unleaded gasoline, propeller, engine ON/OFF switch
EIS battery
Fuji Super Lubricating Oil or equivalent 0W-20 oil

Height: Oil Pan to Rocker Cover 7.5" (190.5mm)
Width: 6.5" (165mm)
Weight: 4.65 lbs (2,113 g) with muffler
Weight: 4.23 lbs (1,919 g) without muffler
Distance from firewall to prop rotor: 5.125" (130mm)
Muffler exhaust outlet diameter: 9mm inner, 11mm outer
Distance across mounting screws on motor mount: 95mm
Distance top and bottom mounting screws: 75mm
Displacement: 1.5 cu in (24.5cc)
Bore/Stroke: 24mmx24mm
Spinner Bolt: 3/8-16 threaded 13mm hex
Practical RPM: 1400-9000
Peak Horsepower: 1.6hp @ 7500 RPM
Peak Torque: .14kgm @ 5,000 RPM

Default carb settings
High Speed:
1.75 to 2 turns OUT
Low Speed: 1-1/3 turns OUT
Recommended Propeller: 18x6

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