Futaba Trainer Box FM/PPM/2.4G FUTM4376
FUTM4376 Futaba Trainer Box FM/PPM/2.4G

Futaba Trainer Box FM/PPM/2.4G FUTM4376

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Features: Allows new pilots to practice with confidence knowing that the
instructor can assume control when a tough situation arises
Compatible with any Futaba FM, PCM and 2.4GHz aircraft radio system
**NOTE: The trainer function is inhibited in the software of the
**radio system.
**User must consult the radio system manual to activate the
**trainer function.
One year limited warranty

INCLUDES: Futaba Trainer Box with micro style trainer jack and instruction sheet


Trainer cord, Micro to Micro Plug FUTM4415, OR Micro to Round Plug, FUTM4420

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