Futaba Double Aluminum Horn Silver 1.5" FUTFSHTD2S
FUTFSHTD2S Futaba Double Aluminum Horn Silver 1.5

Futaba Double Aluminum Horn Silver 1.5" FUTFSHTD2S

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Futaba aluminum servo horns all come with pre-drilled starter holes. A variety of colors allows modelers to customize their model. Available in six different sizes for large-scale airplanes, and two standard sizes for R/C cars.

A notice from Futaba reguarding this servo horn: As a rod hole you use becomes increasingly far from the axis of a servo horn, the torque generated by external forces such as shocks also increases. As a result, the gear combined with such a servo horn will become susceptible to breakage. If servo is operated for more than three minutes with its current flowing while the servo horn is locked, the electronic parts of the servo may possibly heat up. In the worst case, it may cause damage or smoke. This servo horn should be used with high torque servos.


Mounting to the servo with a servo horn screw

Length: 1.5" (38mm) (from center of mounting hole to center of first starter hole on each arms)
Total length: 3" (76mm)
Thickness: .122" (3.10mm)
Diameter of the three starter holes: .078" (2mm)

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