Futaba GV101 Sensor/Magnet/Mount GV-1 GY701 FUTGV101
FUTGV101 Futaba GV101 Sensor/Magnet/Mount GV-1

Futaba GV101 Sensor/Magnet/Mount GV-1 GY701 FUTGV101

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Futaba governor improves heli aerobatic performance and lessens engine wear. Two-piece unit regulates engine speed and main rotor RPM by + or - 1%.

Futaba governor has 3 different RPM settings, and can be turned on and off easily with a switch or throttle stick. Features a separate program setting for gear ratio. Works with any heli radio with 8 or more channels. Very compact main unit weighs just 1.2 oz., sensor is only .14 oz.

Also available: sensor, sensor mount and magnet for permanent mounting into the helicopter to allow easy interchanging of the Governor from heli to heli


GV-1 governor from Futaba, will not work with any other governor currently produced.

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