Great Planes ElectriFly Siren Hotliner EP ARF 79" GPMA1065

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Great Planes Siren is Almost Ready-to-Fly EP Hotliner with out-of-sight performance!

Speed and power are the Siren ARF's trademarks. You'll race through assembly to launching, where in seconds it becomes a speck in the clouds nearly out-of-sight, literally before descending quickly to gain momentum for ovation-worthy aerobatics!

  • Construction: Carbon fiber fuselage for high strength and low weight, motor mount and formers constructed of plywood
  • Wing: one piece, built-up, factory covered, carbon reinforced
  • Tail: built up T-tail design
  • Covering: Iron on polyester film
  • Motor Mount: pre-installed, wood construction
  • Radio Compartment: pre-installed, wood construction
  • Hardware: included
Install a brushless motor system for "hotliner" type performance. Use an economical brushed motor system for swift, satisfying sportaction. Carbon fiber fuselage adds strength and stiffness...and looks awesome! Fly loops, rolls and inverted with 3-channel control.

The low parts count makes assembly fast and easy. Ailerons and elevators are already hinged on the built-up, factory-covered, carbon reinforced wing. A complete hardware package is also supplied.
Admirers can see the cloth weave in the Siren's beautifully crafted, carbon fiber fuselage a type usually found only in more expensive models. Motor mount and all internal wood structures arrive glued into place.

Includes: Carbon fiber fuselage, main wing, tail section, aileron servo covers, hardware package, decal sheet and instruction manual

Radio: 3 channel minimum (aileron, elevator, throttle)
Servos: 3 micro or nano size with at least 16 oz-in torque
(two aileron servos and one elevator servo)
Servo extensions: three 24" extensions required - HCAM2200
Y-Harness: one required - HCAM2500
Electric Motor: T-601 Brushed motor or 480 geared
Brushless motor
Electronic Speed Control: 30A for Brushed motor or
40 amp for brushless motor
Battery Brushed Motor: 7-8 cell 2000mAh NiMH
Battery Brushless Motor: 10-cell 2000mAh NiMH
Battery LiPo: See comments
Propeller Brushed Motor: 8x4 folding (GPMQ1650)
Propeller Brushless Motor: 13x7 folding (APCQ4357 and APCQ4390)
Spinner Brushed Motor: included with folding prop (GPMQ1650)
Spinner Brushless Motor: (GPMQ1651)
Building and Field Equipment
Wing Airfoil: RG15
79 in (2000 mm)
Wing Area:
492 in?? (31.8 dm??)
Weight (RTF, minus battery weight):
32.5 oz (920 g)
Wing Loading (RTF, minus battery weight):
9.1 oz/ft?? (28 g/dm??)
38.5 in (978 mm)

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