Great Planes Fuselage Cessna 182 .40 ARF GPMA2071
GPMA2071 Great Planes Fuselage Cessna 182 .40 ARF

Great Planes Fuselage Cessna 182 .40 ARF GPMA2071

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This is the Great Planes Fuselage For the Cessna 182 .40 ARF Airplane.

  • White, red, and black colored
  • Pre-built all all wood construction.
  • For the Great Planes Cessna .40 ARF Airplane
  • Pre-covered in genuine Top-Filte Monokote brand covering
  • Wing bolt mounting plate has two pre-installed 6-32 blind nuts
  • Landing gear support plate has six pre-installed 6-32 blind nuts


One Great Planes fuselage, one fiberglass muffler shield (pre-painted white), and one fiberglass tail cone (pre-painted red)

Six 6-32x1/2" machine screws to mount landing gear.
Six #6 flat washers for the the screws.
Two 6-32x1-1/4" machine screws for mounting the wing.
Two #6 washers for the screws.
Medium CA to mount the muffler shield and tail cone.
The servo tray (At the time of writing, the servo tray is not available as a separate item, it would have to be made out of thin plywood.)
Length: 36"
Width: 7-1/8"
Height: 7
  • Great Planes Cessna

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