Great Planes Lock Washer #2 (8) GPMQ3430
GPMQ3430 Great Planes Lock Washer #2 (8)

Great Planes Lock Washer #2 (8) GPMQ3430

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Great Planes' Lock Washers are incredibly effective protection against vibration-loosened hardware and related damage. The washers feature a split design digs into wood and holds metal fasteners tight to prevent screws from backing out due to vibration. The washers have a special Zinc plating that resists corrosion and rust. The washer come with Great Planes' 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Includes: Eight #2 Lock Washers and a reusable plastic parts pack


Inside Diameter: .095" (2.4mm)
Outside Diameter:
.220" (5.5mm)

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