HPI 3230 Beadlock Ring Hole 47x62x2.0mm HPI3230
HPI3230 HPI Racing 3230 Beadlock Ring 6 Hole Silver 47x62x2.0mm

HPI 3230 Beadlock Ring Hole 47x62x2.0mm HPI3230

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HPI Racing 6-Hole Silver Bead Lock Rings for use with the HPI Rock 8 Beadlock Wheels. Constructed of silver auminum. 6-Hole design. Enough for two wheels. This package includes, four bead lock rings and thirty 2mm x 12mm socket head cap screws. HPI Racing Bead Lock Rings are replacement parts for HPI Rock 8 rock crawling wheels. The bead lock rings keep the tire securely mounted on the wheel without the need for messy super glue. Each ring is made from stainless steel, making them extra heavy to keep them firmly planted on steep terrain.

Inner: 47mm (1.8")
Outer: 62mm (2.4")
Thickness: 2mm (0.07")

Requires: Rock 8 Wheels (HPIC3210, HPIC3211, HPIC3213, HPIC3214)
  • HPI Crawler King

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