HPI Two Dirt Bonz Tire S Compound HPI4860
HPI4860 HPI Two Dirt Bonz Tire S Compound

HPI Two Dirt Bonz Tire S Compound HPI4860

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HPI Racing pair of Dirt Bonz tires for 2.2 size racing truck wheels are constructed of durable S compound. Comes with foam inserts. Bone shaped treads. Low profile angled sidewalls. Perfect for dry off-road racing. Stepped foam inserts.

HPI Racing 1/10th scale version of the very popular Dirt Bonz Tires! Now, Nitro MT 2 and stadium truck racers can enjoy the decreased rotational weight and reinforced sidewall construction of these serious dirt grippers! These tires feature the unique "Bonz" tread pattern and the Dirt Bonz Jr. logo boldly molded into the sidewall for realistic looks. But they don't just look great, they also deliver quicker acceleration, more traction, sharper cornering, and an overall more responsive truck. More grip means more fun, so these tires will be a strong seller for 1/10th scale nitro and electric truck owners. Each package contains a pair of sticky S compound molded rubber tires and a pair of high performance inner foams that fit on all popular 2.2" wheels.

Diameter: 3.75" (95mm)
Width: 2.25" (57mm)


Installation onto wheels

Diameter: 3.75" (95mm)
Width: 2.25" (57mm)

  • HPI Wheely King
  • HPI Crawler King
  • HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux
  • HPI E-Firestorm 10T
  • HPI Nitro RS4 MT2
  • HPI Savage XS Flux

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