HPI Gearbox Spacer Set HPI101291
HPI101291 HPI Gearbox Spacer Set

HPI Gearbox Spacer Set HPI101291

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This is the HPI Racing Gearbox Spacer Set for the WR8 and Bullet series.

  • Silver colored
  • Steel construction
  • For the HPI WR8, Bullet ST, MT, 3.0, and Flux
  • Increases the durability of your differentials

Now you can increase the efficiency of your HPI WR8 or Bullet's differentials with this spacer set that consists of several extremely thin steel shims. Simply place these next to the big bearings on the differential outputs to space the ring gear closer or farther away from the pinion gear for better durability and drivetrain efficiency.
  • HPI Bullet MT 3.0
  • HPI Bullet MT Flux
  • HPI Bullet ST 3.0
  • HPI Bullet ST Flux
  • HPI WR8 Flux

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