HPI Nitro RS4 3 Pagani Zonda F Clear 1/10 On-Road Car Body HPI17523

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Zonda and Zonda F captured the imaginations of supercar fans around the world when Italian sportscar manufacturer Pagani first displayed the car at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. Since then, production has peaked at roughly 25 cars per year, meaning only a small number of very special owners get to experience the magic of the Zonda firsthand. Now, however, the Pagani Zonda F is available to put on your 190mm or 200mm wide RC touring car chassis!

Supplied clear, so you can put your own personal paint scheme and custom touches on your ride. You also get flexible vinyl decals to put on the finishing touches!

Photorealistic diecut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlight, grille, taillights and more, plus logos! Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple. A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement. The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations. Molded from strong clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life. Officially licensed by the manufacturer.

Length: 17.32" (440mm)
Width: 8.26" (210mm)
Height: 3.93" (100mm)


Body Reamer
Body Scissors
Spray or brush-on polycarbonate safe paint

Length: 17.32" (440mm)
Width: 8.26" (210mm)
Height: 3.93" (100mm)
  • HPI Nitro RS4 3

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