HPI Mounted Phaltline TireTremor Wheel HPI4731
HPI4731 HPI Mounted Phaltline Tire/Tremor Wheel Chrome

HPI Mounted Phaltline TireTremor Wheel HPI4731

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HPI Racing set of two big Phaltline on-road tires with tremor chrome 5-spoke wheels. These tires have molded foam inserts and are pre-Mounted and glued.
For Front or Rear Use

HPI Racing now offers our Phaltline tires with inner foam, pre-mounted and glued on chrome Blast wheels. The Phaltline-Blast tire-wheel combo gives your truck street-cred and high performance tarmac handling. For quick replacement and convenience, this package can't be beat. Includes two right turn and two counter turn flange nuts for 17mm hubs. Fits 17mm hex hubs only. Convert Savage to 17mm hex hubs with HPI 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set (#87229) or HPI Universal Joints with 17mm hex hubs (#87230).

Tire-Outer Diameter: 5.50" (139mm)
Inner Diameter: 4.4" (112mm)
Width: 2.84" (72mm)
Wheel-Outer Diameter: 4.4" (112mm)
Width: 2.84" (72mm



  • HPI Savage Flux
  • HPI Savage X

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