HPI Precut Foam Bumper Gray HPI6274
HPI6274 HPI Precut Foam Bumper Gray

HPI Precut Foam Bumper Gray HPI6274

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HPI precut gray foam bumper is constructed of hard foam. Pre-cut post holes. This bumper fits the following vehicles: Nitro RS4, Nitro RS4 2, Nitro RS4 RTR, Nitro RS4 Racer, Nitro RS4 Racer 2, RS4 Pro, RS4 Pro 2, RS4 Sport, RS4 Sport 2, RS4 Rally.

Length: 171mm (6.75")
Width: 39mm (1.54")
Height: 20mm (0.79")


Assembly onto vehicle

Length: 171mm (6.75")
Width: 39mm (1.54")
\Height: 20mm (0.79")
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  • HPI Nitro RS4 3 EVO+
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