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HPI Baja 5SC

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Viewing 1 - 6

Jump into the thrill of Short Course racing with the Baja 5SC truck from HPI! HPI Racing is famous for making competitive and aggressive models, but the Baja 5SC might be the most competitive model yet. The Baja 5SC takes the HPI Baja line-up to the next level with a new SC-1 body that gives it an authentic Short Course look. The HPI Baja 5SC will take you to the next level of RC Short Course Racing with its big jumps, hairpin corners and dirt bashing fun. The HPI Baja 5SC is fitted with awesome Short Course parts that make it ideal for tackling off-road tracks shoulder-to-shoulder with hordes of other racers. There are also plenty of hop up, performance, and replacement stock parts available for the HPI Baja 5SC.