HPI Baja 5B Fuelie Engine HPI15401
HPIG5401 HPI Racing Baja 5B Fuelie Engine

HPI Baja 5B Fuelie Engine HPI15401

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This is the HPI Fuelie 23cc Two Cycle Gasoline Engine used in the Baja. Plenty of power comes from a massive 23cc "Fuelie" gasoline engine. There is more than enough power to make the Baja 5B feel as quick and nimble as a 1/10th scale buggy.


  • Pull starter, primer choke, kill switch and solid state ignition
  • High performance dual element air filter
  • Steel muffler
  • 87-93 octane unleaded gasoline
  • 2-cycle oil or equivalent

Note: Never use four-cycle oil.

Never run engine on gasoline only-the engine will be damaged.

Never use glow fuels intended for R/C cars.

Gasoline & Two Cycle Oil Mixture Ratio: 25:1
Bore x Stroke: 32 x 28mm
Displacement: 1.37cu in (22.5cc)
Maximum Power: 2.0 hp/13,500 RPM
Maximum Torque: 0.125kgm/9,000 RPM
Carburetor: WT-527-1
Ignition: Solid state

Carburetor Needle Settings
Low Speed Needle: Turn clockwise until closed-turn counter-clockwise 1-1/4 turns open
High Speed Needle: Turn clockwise until closed-turn counter clockwise 1-1/2 turns open
Idle Adjustment: Counter clockwise to lower RPMs, clockwise to increase RPMs

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