HPI Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC HPI104924
HPI104924 HPI Racing Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC

HPI Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC HPI104924

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This is the HPI Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC for the Savage Flux.

With the ability to handle twin 2S LiPo batteries (that's 14.8 volts of LiPo power!), this ESC can deal with anything the Alphastar 2350 motor can dish out! 4mm bullet connectors secure the motor wires for loss-free connection to the 13-gauge wires, and to connect to each battery pack, HPI has attached connectors for zero power loss and total efficiency.

Topping off the versatility of the Flux Q-base is an integrated cooling fan, which allows the electronic speed control to operate at its ideal temperature. You also have the ability to easily connect it to your computer for total programming control! With the USB Programming Kit, you can connect the Q-base to any Windows-based PC to control all the various facets of its power delivery, braking, throttle curves, battery cut-off and much more. You can also save various profiles to have profiles for racing, insane speed runs, stunts, fun running and more.

With the Flux Alphastar 2350 and Q-base combo, you get power optimized for 4S LiPo batteries, with custom tuning thrown in for fun. You'll have to experience it to believe it!

One HPI Flux Q-Base Brushless ESC


Motor - HPIC4923 Flu Alphastar 2350KV Brushless Motor
Installation on to Savage Flux
  • 13 gauge wires
  • 4mm bullet connectors for motor
  • On/off switch
  • Universal receiver connector
  • Pre-installed cooling fan
  • Deans connectors for batteries
  • Programmable with USB Programming Kit - not included
  • Compatible with brushed and brushless motors
  • For the HPI Savage Flux
Length: 45.5mm (1.79")
36.5mm (1.44")
21.5mm (0.85")
Max Input Voltage:
22.2V (6S LiPo) with Flux Warp 5700KV motor
Max Input Voltage:
14.8V (4S LiPo) with Flux Alphastar 2350KV motor
  • HPI Apache C1

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