HPI HD Steel Spur Gear Set 57T HPI85475
HPI85475 HPI Racing HD Steel Spur Gear Set 57T

HPI HD Steel Spur Gear Set 57T HPI85475

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HPI Racing spur gear. It's a heavy duty direct replacement for the stock nylon spur gear found on the Baja 5B, 5T, 5SC and 5SC SS vehicles. The steel gear rides on an aluminum hub to save critical rotating mass. Damper bushings are included to help reduce drivetrain jolts. It's also a replacement part for the Power Control Slipper Clutch spur gear. It's specially designed for extreme driving conditions and high-power engines fitted in the Baja 5b buggy, 5T truck or 5SC and 5SC SS short course trucks!

Hardened Steel 57T Spur Gear
Increased Durability
Lightweight Aluminum Hub
Damper Bushings
Fits Baja 5B, 5T 5SC, and 5SC SS

  • HPI Baja 5B

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