HPI Savage Flux HP Brushless System RTR 2.4 Radio HPI104240
HPI104240 HPI Racing Savage Flux HP Brushless System RTR with 2.4 Radio

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HPI Savage Flux HP Brushless System RTR 2.4 Radio HPI104240

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This is the HPI Savage Flux HP 1/8 scale Monster Truck RTR. The new HPI Racing Savage Flux HP is guaranteed to wow you and your friends! Powered by the high technology Flux Tork 2200 motor and twin battery packs, you will be pulling wheelies and getting air at the twitch of a finger!

Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC vehicles like the HPI Savage Flux HP. Just plug in two matching battery packs and you are off and running! The Flux Blur electronic speed control can handle massive amounts of power, and you can use up to 16 NiMH cells or 2 LiPo batteries (either 2S or 3S type).

Want to hit the speed limit with your monster truck? The Savage Flux HP makes it easy! With twin 3S LiPo batteries and on-road tires like our #4729 or #4731 mounted Phaltlines the Savage Flux HP can achieve a blistering top speed of 62 mph.

The Savage Flux HP is equipped with tough option parts to help it handle the power of the Flux Tork 2200 motor. We've equipped it with an all-metal gear transmission, steel spur gear, super heavy-duty dogbones, machine cut diff gears, 2.5mm TVP chassis plates, 3mm 7075 motor plate and dual 8mm billet motor clamps!
The Savage Flux HP is based on the proven Savage X chassis, and features a low-mounted Flux Tork 2200Kv motor in place of the big-block nitro engine, a powerful Flux Blur electronic speed control in place of the fuel tank, and twin battery boxes to hold a variety of battery types. Power your Savage Flux HP with either NiMH batteries from 6- to 8-cell size, or dual LiPo batteries with 2S 7.4v or a whopping 3S 11.1v power!

Proven features from the Savage X are carried over, including the tough all-metal gear drivetrain, powerful SF-5 metal-gear servo, machine-cut diff gears and legendary Savage suspension parts and shock towers for extreme durability! The lighter weight of the Savage Flux HP allows us to use one BIG BORE shock absorber on each corner for excellent control and traction on any surface.


One HPI Savage Flux HP 1/8 scale Monster Truck with Flux Tork 2200 brushless motor, Flux Blur ESC, HPI 2.4GHz radio system, SF-5 high torque metal gear steering servo, painted & trimmed body, wheelie bar, instruction manual and HPI RC Cars DVD

AA Batteries: Six for transmitter
Batteries: Two NiMH (up to 8-cell flat or stick packs) with Deans connectors, or 2S or 3S LiPo hard case battery packs, 25C minimum (both batteries must be the same type, voltage and capacity)
Battery Charger: Depending on type of batteries selected
  • Extra-Low CG - The Flux Tork 2200 motor sits extremely low in the chassis, providing as low a center of gravity (CG) as possible, and the twin battery packs ride on the outside of the TVP chassis for easy access
  • Twin Battery Power - Brushless motors like the Flux Tork 2200 are already super powerful with just one battery compared to their older brushed ancestors, so you can imagine what two battery packs will be able to provide! The Savage Flux HP can take up to 16 NiMH cells (split up with 2 x 6-cell, 2 x 7-cell or 2 x 8-cell battery packs) or 2 LiPo packs of either 2S 7.4v or 3S 11.1v construction. The battery boxes feature vents to keep the batteries cool, and we suggest using official Deans zero-loss battery plugs.
  • Flux Tork 2200 Motor -The Flux Tork 2200 motor is one of the biggest and most powerful brushless motors available, and was selected specifically for its massive power delivery and voltage handling. It can take up to 25 volts of power, delivering hordes of power
  • Flux Blur ESC - With the capacity to handle up to 6S LiPo power and more NiMH cells than can actually fit in the Savage Flux HP, the Flux Blur electronic speed control can take anything you can possibly throw at it and keep coming back for more!
  • All-Metal Transmission Gears - The Savage Flux HP features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every jolt of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears
  • SF-5 High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo - HPI designers chose a super-strong, extra-tough high torque metal gear servo. With nearly 9kg of force per centimeter (that's 126psi!), the SF-5 will get the GT-2 tires turning easily at any speed!
  • Savage Wheelie Bar Incluced - The #85245 is included as standard, ready for you to bolt on in case you want to pull impressive wheelies
  • The reliable and sturdy HPI TF-3 radio controls the Savage Flux HP
  • Chassis: Rigid 6061-series aluminum TVP (twin vertical plate) 0.098" (2.5mm) thick, extra low CG for high degree of control and cornering ability, included wheelie bar, twin battery boxes hold a variety of battery types
  • Drive: Four wheel shaft
  • Brushless Motor: HPI Flux Tork 2200Kv with machined cooling fins, 5mm shaft, handles up to 25V of power, held in place with two machined 8mm billet aluminum clamps and 0.12" (3mm) thick 7075 billet aluminum motor mount
  • Radio: HPI TF-20U 2.4GHz with steering and throttle trim and reverse and dual rate adjustment, transmitter does not have charge jack
  • Electronic Speed Control: HPI Flex Blur with reverse, programmable, integrated cooling fan and up to 6S LiPo battery handling capability
  • Transmission: All metal gears running on rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Differential: Equipped with machined super heavy duty bevel gears, upgradeable with all nitro Savage option parts
  • Spur Gear: Machined steel, 44 tooth
  • Suspension: Uprights designed for the larger tires and weight of the Savage XL
  • Wheels: HPI Warlock, chrome finish, width: 2.2" (56mm), 3.3" (83mm) diameter
  • Tires: GT-2 on/off-road with blocky tread pattern and heavy-duty sidewall teeth, 6.3" (160mm) diameter, 3.4" (86mm) wide
  • Shocks: Big Bore nylon bodied, oil filled
  • Caster: Adjustable front and rear toe-in, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car
  • Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
  • Body: Trimmed and painted GT-2
21" (533mm)
16.8" (427mm)
10" (254mm)
Front and Rear Track:
16" (406mm) outer edges of tires, side to side
Front and Rear Tread:
13.1" (332.5mm) center of tires, side to side
13.6" (345mm)


19.2" (487mm)
8.5" (216mm)
5" (127mm)
  • HPI Savage Flux

Review Summary


5 Stars This is a far superior product than the emaxx.

Mo from CA wrote (August 22, 2014):

This is one fast and super strong truck. My emaxx could not take 5 mn of the beating I put it trough. Small mods and it will be perfect

5 Stars Awsome!

Tyler from wrote (June 23, 2013):

Everything I expected and more. This thing is fast, durable, and just amazing. Well worth the price

5 Stars Best Basher Ever !!!!

Christopher from Ct wrote (May 25, 2013):

If you know what ur doing this truck will take anything you can throw at it. Upgrade the hubs, servo(savox) and HD rear hub carrier and you'll have no problems. Now let's go bashing !!!!! :)

5 Stars I think this truck looks cool

from Briton wrote (April 28, 2013):

I want it

5 Stars Savage Flux HP RTR NOT A KIT

John from Montana wrote (January 10, 2013):

5 Stars Great tech support

Koop from TX wrote (November 08, 2012):

Todd gave me great tips in setting up my new Savage flux hp. Glad I followed his advice. Truck is scary though running wide open on 6s lipos, but with a little patience I I I I leaning to tame it

2 Stars HPI Savage Flux HP

from CA wrote (October 15, 2012):

3 Stars not all that impressed

from Wyoming wrote (July 26, 2012):

5 Stars flux hp

eric from DE wrote (March 28, 2012):

Nice truck.only problem so far is the pinon gear came lose the first day.but they give you the allen wrench to tighten it.also the lug wrench for the wheels is the wrong size its to small

5 Stars SAVY

Brendon from Qld wrote (January 18, 2012):

It can definitly take a hit! YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED!

5 Stars no regrets!

abinadab from TX wrote (March 15, 2011):

bought it, with no regrets, and i love it more than the E-Revo brushless i had, lots of power, and very very durable truck! it can take a beating..!

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