HPI Roto Start 2 System K Series w Shft HPI87148
HPI87148 HPI Racing HPI Roto Start 2 System K Series w/Long Shft

HPI Roto Start 2 System K Series w Shft HPI87148

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HPI nitro Roto Start 2 system has an extra long 225mm shaft for starting the Savage XL and can also be used for most cars and trucks equipped with Roto Start engines. A back plate for use on K series engines is included. This is a genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs.

Upgrade from pullstart to an easy handheld starting system for starting that's as simple as pressing a button. The HPI Roto Start 2 system replaces the standard pullstarter with a durable metal gear backplate and a handheld shaft driven starter. The Roto Start 2 is an upgraded version of the original Roto Start with an improved case, stronger gears, and a circuit breaker for overload protection. The thumb-start button has a safety cover to prevent accidental starting.


7.2v rechargeable "stick" battery pack and charger. #2029 HPI Ni-Cd Battery Pack and #9058 Overnight Charger for 7.2v Ni-Cd Battery (AC120v) recommended. Some disassembly of the kit and engine is required. Complete instructions are included."

Rotor Start 2
7.9" (201mm)
2.36" (60mm)
4" (105mm)


9" (229mm)
0.20" (5.5mm)
  • HPI Savage XL 5.9

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