HPI 10mm Shock Parts Set HPI6817
HPI6817 HPI 10MM Shock Parts Set

HPI 10mm Shock Parts Set HPI6817

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HPI set of 10mm shock parts.
These are all the nylon parts used for shocks. HPI set of 10mm shock parts are constructed of black nylon.

One large shock end
One small shock end
One large top shock end
One small top shock end
One long shock mounting sleeve
One short shock mounting sleeve
One upper spring retainer
Two lower shock body caps
One upper spring sleeve
Six spring clips
One lower spring retainer
Four plastic bushings
One shock body sleeve

These pistons work for all HPI shocks except for the F1 and the Micro RS4.

Requires: Cutting shock parts from parts tree.
  • HPI Sprint 2

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