HPI Super Mudders Tire 165X88mm HPI4878
HPI4878 HPI Super Mudders Tire 165X88MM

HPI Super Mudders Tire 165X88mm HPI4878

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HPI Racing pair of super mudder tires have aggressive Split V tread with low profile angled sidewalls.
Perfect for Wet or Dry off-road racing.
Stepped foam inserts are included.

Only for the Traxxas T-Maxx or HPI Savage series.
Also available with 8-spoke chrome wheels.

The new Super Mudders from HPI Racing have been designed to take on the toughest off-road conditions and can be used for on-road driving as well. The Super Mudder feature a highly aggressive tread design with large corner blocks to give extra bite on the outer most portion of the sidewall. This aids in climbing and technical driving conditions. Designed to fit Savage and T-Maxx monster truck wheels, the Super Mudders are sure to be a big hit with off-road enthusiasts. Each package contains two molded rubber tires with preassembled foam inserts for additional performance and handling.

Diameter: 6.12" (145.1mm)
Width: 3.38" (85.8mm)


Installation onto wheels and tire glue

Diameter: 6.12" (145.1mm)
Width: 3.38" (85.8mm)

  • HPI Savage X
  • Traxxas T-Maxx Classic

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