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Heli-Max Comanche CX

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The Heli-Max Comanche CX Helicopter

The RAH-66 Comanche was developed in 1991 as an advanced twin engine, two-seat armed reconnaissance helicopter, designed specifically for tactical intelligence. Heli-Max has recreated this amazing heli in the new Comanche RAH-66 CX Micro Helicopter RTF.

Now you can command covert ops from the comfort of your living room with the new Heli-Max Comanche CX! Inspired by the famous U.S. Army prototype, this helicopter is ready for action, right out of the box! The Heli-Max Comanche CX has counter-rotating blades, making it stable and easy for beginners to fly. Plus, the Comanche CX’s pivoting design makes it extremely forgiving in case of a crash.