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Heli-Max Novus CP

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The Heli-Max Novus CP Helicopter

Experienced helicopter pilots will flip for the Heli-Max Novus CP RTF, the fully aerobatic indoor helicopter with Bell-Hiller mixing, collective pitch, and a programmable 6-channel, 2.4GHz radio. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be sure to appreciate how the Novus 200 CP is able to pack so much fun into such a small package.

Thanks to its advanced engineering and sophisticated components, the Heli-Max Novus CP is not only ready to fly, but flies more like larger helis. You’ve never seen electronics of this quality in an R/C helicopter this small!

If you’re an experienced heli pilot that’s looking to move up from a fixed pitch helicopter to your first collective pitch helicopter, then the Heli-Max Novus CP RTF is the heli for you!