Hitec HG-5000 High Performance Heading Lock Gyro HRC41910
HRC41910 Hitec HG-5000 Gyro

Hitec HG-5000 High Performance Heading Lock Gyro HRC41910

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HG-5000 High Performance MEMS Gyro
Use with HSG-5083 Gyro Servo

Optimized High Response Narrow Band HITEC Signal
Universal Signal Selectable
Precision Control Technology for Heading Lock
Auto Detection of Any Transmitter & Receiver
No initializing time when power up in Heading lock mode
Optimal Solution for Constant Pirouette Rate
Extreme Tolerance against Disturbance and Vibration
Advanced Real Time Signal Processing
Built-in Temperature Sensor for drift removal
Remote Gain Adjustment
Light Weight & Compact Size
Self Diagnosis Function
Simple and Vivid LED Display
Easy Data Setting
Low Power Consumption (20mA)

Motor Type: 3 Pole
0.07sec @ 4.8v
20.85in/oz @ 4.8v
0.86" x 0.86" x 0.43" (21.8mm x 21.8mm x 10.9mm)
0.35 oz (9.9g)

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