Hitec HTSSensor Station HTS-SS 2.4 Ghz HRC55832
HRC55832 Hitec HTS-SS Sensor Station

Hitec HTSSensor Station HTS-SS 2.4 Ghz HRC55832

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Hitec optional HTS-SS sensor station. New Telemetric AFHSS System. Compatible with Aurora 9 and Spectra 2.4 module. Sensor Station (HTS-SS) - collects all data from each sensor, sending it back to your transmitter via the Optima 7 or Optima 9 omnidirectional receivers. GPS Sensor (HTS-GPS) - displays constant directional information such as: speed, altitude, latitude and longitude. Temperature Sensor (HTS-TEMP) - measures temperatures from -40 to 392 degrees fahrenheit. Optical RPM Sensor (HTS-ORPM) - provides optical RPM information. Fuel Level Sensor (HTS-FUEL) - provides an accurate 5-step reading of your remaining fuel level when simply attached to the outside of the fuel tank. Magnetic RPM Sensor (HTS-MRPM) - provides RPM information using a magnetic sensor.
Airplane and appropriate system
Length: 37.8mm (1.49")
27.5mm (1.08")
8mm (0.31")

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