Hitec X1+ AC Single Port AC/DC Charger HRC44165
HRCP4165 Hitec X1+ AC Single Port AC/DC Charger

Hitec X1+ AC Single Port AC/DC Charger HRC44165

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This is the Hitec X1+ AC Single Port AC/DC Charger.

Whoever said you can't take it with you? Our new X1 AC Plus battery charger goes everywhere you go. Capable of charging all battery types, this charger is the affordable and portable answer to keeping your batteries charged and ready for action. The 50-watt X1 AC Plus will charge all your batteries at rates from 0.1 to 6 amps, using either 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC power sources. Designed to charge NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion and Lead-based batteries, the X1 AC Plus is the perfect charging solution for your RC hobby. Drivers and pilots alike will appreciate its price and relish in its dependability.

Charger with AC and DC Power Cords, Charge Lead with Tamiya type connector, Charge Lead with Bare Wires, XH 2S - 6S LiPo Adapter and instruction manual
  • Charges 1-6 cell LiPo, LiFe and Li-Ion batteries
  • 1-15 cell NiCd and NiMH batteries and
  • 2-20V Pb (lead acid) cells
  • Operates on 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC power sources
  • Automatic charge and discharge current settings to prevent overcharging
  • Cyclic charging/discharging-1 to 5 cyclic and continuous processes for battery refreshing and balancing
  • Internal independent lithium battery balancer
  • "Fast" and "Storage" lithium battery charge modes
  • Delta peak voltage detection for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Capacity and temperature limits
  • Data storage for up to five batteries
  • One year limited warranty against material or operational defects which are present at the time of purchase

Special Features:
  • Optimized Operating Software: The X1 "auto" function sets the charge and discharge current for you automatically, preventing overcharging which can damage your battery. In the event of an error, the X1 instantly disconnects the circuit and sounds an alarm once. This feature can be set by the user and controlled through the two-way link for maximum safety and minimizes these type of problems.
  • Internal Independent Lithium Battery Balancer: The X1 features a built-in a cell voltage balancer so you don't need to fuss with external balancers while charging.
  • Balancing Individual Cells Battery Discharging: The X1 also monitors and balances each cell in the pack individually while discharging. If the voltage of any single cell is abnormal, the X1 will display an error message and the process will end automatically.
  • Adaptable To Various Types Of Lithium Batteries: The X1 will charge and discharge a variety of Lithium batteries, such as Li-ion, LiPo and the new LiFe series of batteries.
  • Fast and Storage Mode Of Lithium Batteries:
  • The X1 features two styles of charging. "Fast" charge reduces the charge duration while "Store" controls the final voltage of your battery, to optimize your packs for long term storage and maximum lifespan.
  • Maximum Safety: Hitec's delta-peak voltage detection program ends the charge cycle whenever a battery's voltage exceeds the set threshold.
  • Automatic Charging Current Limit: Charging current can set by the user when charging NiCd or NiMH batteries. The 'AUTO' charging mode, however, is recommended when charging NiMH batteries with low impedance and capacity.
  • Capacity and Temperature Limits: The charge process will terminate if either the charging capacity or battery temperature exceeds the limit set by the user. Temperature function requires an optional temperature probe, which is not included with the X1.
  • Processing Time Limit: Protect your battery by setting a maximum time limit for charging and discharging.
  • Input Power Monitoring: The X1's input voltage is monitored to protect the battery from becoming damaged. The process ends automatically if it drops below the limit.
  • Data Store/Load: A maximum of five setting profiles can be stored for your convenience. The X1 will store the data pertaining to a program's settings and you can call up data at anytime.
  • Cyclic Charging/Discharging: A battery can be cycled 1 to 5 times. This process is good for refreshing and balancing your battery.
AC Input: 100-240V
DC Input:
Circuit Power:
Max. Charge Power 50W
Circuit Power:
Max. Discharge Power 5W
Charge Current Range:
Discharge Current Range:
Current Drain for Balancing LiPo:
NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count:
1-15 cells
LiPo/LiFe LiIon Cell Count:
1-6 cells
Pb Battery Voltage:
Net Weight:
15.2oz (433g)
5.3 x 4.4 x 2.4" (135 x 112 x 60.9mm)

Review Summary


5 Stars hitec Xi AC single port charger

elliott from NY wrote (May 12, 2014):

great little charger.

5 Stars Features & Price = Xlnt Value

Daedalus from Valley wrote (February 19, 2014):

4 Stars charger

Andy from NB wrote (June 25, 2013):