Hitec Ultima X2 Dual Port Charger HRC44164
HRC44164 Hitec X2 Ultima 2-Channel Charger

Hitec Ultima X2 Dual Port Charger HRC44164

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Recharging your high amperage batteries has never been easier or more affordable than with our X2 Ultima two-channel charger. Featuring dual 200-watt power ports, this efficient charger will charge two Lithium, NiCd, NiMH or Lead Acid packs at once. It is capable of delivering 10 amps of charging current and can discharge your packs at up to 5 amps for efficient battery maintenance. Perfect for all electric aircraft and surface hobbyists, the X2 Ultima will power your larger batteries in a short period of time and at a price that can't be beat.

High charging power, low cost, Get More Get Hitec.

  • Compatible with 1-6 cell LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe, 1-18 cell NiMH, NiCd and 1-12 cells Pb (lead) batteries
  • System functions as a charger, discharger, cycler for NiCd, NiMH batteries as well as a charger and balancer for LiPo cells
  • Charging and discharging parameters can be stored for up to ten different batteries
  • Mini USB port allows charger to be linked to a PC to view graphs of charge and discharge curves with a capacity, voltage, temperature and ampere display
  • Delta peak voltage detection
  • 1 to 5 cyclic charging/discharging is operable for battery refreshing and balancing
  • USB port for 5V 1A continuous current for powering mobile phones, digital cameras and I-Pods
  • Two year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase
Input Voltage: DC 11-18V 30A
Input Connectors:
4mm banana plug with 12 AWG wire
Charging Current:
0.1~10.0A (max 200W, total 400W)
Discharging Current:
0.1~5.0A (max 25W, total 50W)
Balance Connector Type:
JST-XH, Poly Quest, Hyperion
8.2 x 5.3 x 2.2" (200 x 135 x 57mm)
1.6lbs (727g)

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