HobbyZone DC Peak Charger 1.2 Amps HBZ1026
HBZ1026 HobbyZone DC Peak Charger 1.2 Amps

HobbyZone DC Peak Charger 1.2 Amps HBZ1026

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This is the HobbyZone 1.2 Amps DC Peak Charger.

  • Sophisticated peak detection circuitry prevents battery from overcharging
  • Adjustable Current Rate charges between .3 amp–1.2 amp
  • LED indicator
  • Go-anywhere operation—just plug it into your auto's lighter plug
  • Will Charge Zig Zag Racer 3, Super Cub, Aerobird Swift, and Aerobird 3 batteries
  • HobbyZone Firebird Commander
  • HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2
  • HobbyZone Zig Zag Racer
  • HobbyZone Zig Zag Racer 2
  • HobbyZone Aerobird Challenger
  • HobbyZone Aerobird 3
  • HobbyZone Zig Zag Racer 3
  • HobbyZone Firebird Freedom
  • HobbyZone Super Cub
  • HobbyZone Aerobird Swift

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