Hot Bodies Rover Crawler 2.2 Tire HBS67772
HBS67772 Hot Bodies Rover Crawler 2.2 Tire (Soft)

Hot Bodies Rover Crawler 2.2 Tire HBS67772

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Hot Bodies New Rover Tire is one of the tire's that all crawler nut's are trying to get their hand's on and they are finally here to conquer a rock near you . Measuring in at 5.5" tall and 2.25" wide . these are the soft compound.These tires are taking the crawling community by storm, because of their awesome flexibility, tall profile and unique inner foam characteristics.Extensively tested in real competition by the HPI/HB crawler team, rock crawling fanatics have been raving about the Rovers since they first saw it in action. Now that they have the chance to try it on their own rigs, the word has been spreading and the verdict is: TREMENDOUS!The more these tires are run, the better they perform, on all types of rock: granite, sandstone, and more. Even in wet conditions they will excel - just give them a try!Includes: (2) tires and foams.

Crawler Wheels

Outer Diameter: 140mm (5.5")
Inner Diameter:
62.5mm (2.5")
57mm (2.2")

Review Summary


5 Stars 2.2 rover tire white dot

Chung from Kong wrote (April 28, 2014):

that was great, i recommended to all my friends who play crawler, but i fotgot to get 2 stages foam soft type.

5 Stars The Best Tire's

SV-Bob from wrote (November 13, 2008):

I would say these are the best tires on the market , I was very pleased last comp with them ...