Hot Bodies TCXX 1/10 On-Road Car Kit HBS68299

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This is the Hot Bodies TCXX 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit.

The Hot Bodies TCXX is the newest evolution in touring car technology from the renowned World Championship-winning Hot Bodies team. Hot bodies has been developing the TCXX ever since the release of their last touring car. Now, with the will, intellect, and spirit of World Champions behind it, Hot Bodies presents to you the TCXX Kit.

The Hot Bodies TCXX's 2.5"m chassis is extra-narrow, preventing that irritating rubbing in tight corners and the 2.5"m woven graphite is the highest quality possible. Plus, brand new carbon battery holders are included to hold its battery pack securely in place. The inner pivot blocks on the TCXX are a new split design, allowing the chassis to flex much more than was previously possible with single-piece designs. This gives you more grip and confidence while under power and in the corners.

The TCXX's one-piece top deck provides you with completely equal flex over the whole vehicle, giving you equal handling and a more balanced drive, with a lowered chance of tweaking the car after a crash. Its fully symmetrical top deck features 8 holes at the rear bulkheads and 4 mounting holes at the front; this allows you to tune the flex for a variety of traction levels. There's also a central hole that allows for the mounting of TC-style single bellcrank steering – the option is yours! The 2.5"m thick woven graphite is of the same high quality material as the main chassis, making it the absolute best. Additionally, the top deck also holds a belt tensioner, keeping the front belt in place during hard braking.

The vast number of option pieces available from the hot Bodies TCX and TC-FD allow you to precisely control such parameters as front and rear arm toe, camber, roll center, caster and so much more. The TCXX Kit allows you to really fine-tune the grip with a front spool, front and rear sway bars, and an all-new gear differential that allows you to forget about the complex and repetitive tuning that's necessary with traditional ball differentials.


One Hot Bodies TCXX 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit with Decals, Shocks, Shock Oil, Bumper, Spur Gear, and Instructions


Radio: 2-channel with high-speed steering servo
AA Batteries: Four or eight depending on selected transmitter
Motor: 540 size brushed or brushless
Pinion Gear: 48 pitch
ESC: Compatible with selected motor
Battery: 6-cell 7.2V NiMH stick pack, or 2S 7.4V stick LiPo pack
Battery Charger: To match selected battery
Wheels: 26mm touring car
Tires: 26mm touring car type, slick or treaded
Body: 190mm touring car
Building and track equipment
  • Drive: Four wheel belt, with steel outdrives
  • Motor Mount: Aluminum, low profile design sits completely under the top deck and has two sets of mounting holes
  • Shocks: Oil-filled aluminum body with 1.1mm 3-hole PTFE pistons
  • Spur Gear: Nylon, 115T
  • Adjustable caster/toe-in and front/rear camber
  • Chassis: 0.098" (2.5mm) woven graphite extra narrow to prevent rubbing in tight corners, fully symmetrical top deck with four front and eight rear mounting holes allowing the flex to be tuned for different traction levels
  • Rear Differential: Bevel gear, allows motors as powerful as 3.5T brushless to be used
  • Suspension: Many of the same suspension parts that the TC kit uses, reversible lower arms for extra shock positions, droop screws and steel turnbuckles, adjustable wheelbase, track width, anti-squat and roll center, super narrow bulkheads with longer top links for faster performance through turns, front and rear 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4mm sway bars
  • Bumper: Front foam with carbon graphite stopper
  • Steering: Twin crank design for more steering throw, aluminum bellcrank arms float on metal-shielded ball bearings for efficiency and smooth response, woven graphite steering tower bar and adjustable Ackerman, Ackerman refers to the inside front turning faster than the outside front wheel during turns
Length: 365mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258-262mm
Weight: 1350g
  • Hot Bodies TC-FD w/Counter Drive
  • Hot Bodies TCXX 4WD Touring Car Kit

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