Hot Bodies Megabite Short Course Tire HBS61742
HBS61742 Hot Bodies Megabite Short Course Tire, Pink

Hot Bodies Megabite Short Course Tire HBS61742

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HB Megabite tires are fantastic mini-pin tires that are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay (including 'blue groove'), light dust conditions, and regular clay. These tires work awesome indoors!Hundreds of short square pins arranged around the carcass provide fantastic traction on the corners and a central double-row of extra-wide treads giving you excellent acceleration and stopping power, you can't go wrong on well-groomed, dry, hard dirt when you use HB Megabite!Use the HB Megabites to tear a chunk out of the competition!Pink compound is our softest and is best suited for racing and ultra low-traction surfaces.
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