Hot Bodies Block Tire Truggy HBS67909
HBS67909 Hot Bodies Block Tire, Red Truggy

Hot Bodies Block Tire Truggy HBS67909

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Hot Bodies carcass of the tire features hundreds of medium-length square pins that allow a large number of tread blocks to touch the ground at any time. The square shape of the blocks give tremendous forward traction and exceptional stopping power while providing a confidence-inspiring amount of side traction - this translates to fantastic acceleration, braking and cornering ability out on the track.
Use HB Block tires to put the hurt on the opposition!

Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces.
White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use.
Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks.

HB Block tires work great on a variety of surfaces, from hard-pack dirt to grass and Astroturf.

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